Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yesterday as I was driving home I had a thought that was a certain sign that I am a bookaholic but, of course, I don't remember what that thought was now. I had planned on sharing that thought with you all but now I can't. Oh well, perhaps it will come back to me. A-ha! It just came back to me. Okay, as I was driving home last night I was trying to remember when this book I want comes out in paperback. I'm a cheap bookaholic and have to wait for the paperbacks. I couldn't remember if the book came out in July or August but I knew I had wrote it down on my calender at work so I wouldn't forget. And that is when I thought that I must be a bookaholic cause who else writes down on their calender when books are coming out?? If that isn't enough proof that I am a bookaholic today I was at Sam's and decided to take a look at the books. I see that have Courting Trouble for 8.47!! Hello! It's usually 13.99. So even though my TBR pile is HUGE I bought it. Yep, I'm a bookaholic....and loving it. :)

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