Monday, February 1, 2010

Moggy Monday

It's Moggy Monday and I know that those who have been following Moggy Monday since the beginning think y'all have met all my cats but I realized there is still one y'all have yet to meet....Jill, my office cat. Jill showed up at my office about seven or eight years ago as a little, wild kitten. She had a brother but he has since disappeared. :( Anyway, when they first showed up they were so wild it wasn't even funny. You couldn't touch them so how me and my dad caught them and got them to the vet I have no idea. I just remember chasing them around the office trying to catch them. lol If your wondering how they got in the office I'm not real sure but I'm guessing their momma brought them when the door was open. So anyway, at first I had named them something like Thunder and Lightening because they were so wild. But once we got them back from the vet (got them both fixed and they got their shots) Jill slowly started to mellow out until one day she let me pet her and now she is the biggest love bug I've ever met. :) Her brother soon followed so since they were both such sweeties I renamed them Jack and Jill.

Jill is an excellent mouser, she has even caught a big ole lizard once. If she brings them in the office we, uh well I guess I should say I get my husband to rescue the little critters before she has her way with them. She LOVES canned food and pretty much refuses to eat much dry food..I call her a Fancy Feast Addict. ;) If she is outside when I get to work in the morning she will come running from wherever she's been and starting meowing at me. Sometimes she wants some food and other times she just wants me to sit down so she can get in my lap and get her head rubbed. She's a sweetheart and since I've had her as my assistant not one piece of paper has ever floated to the I guess she's doing her job. ;)

I really don't have too many pictures of her but I do have this one:


  1. Awww she's the cutest office assistant I've ever seen! I'd say she probably deserves her Fancy Feast for all her hard work slaving away at the office :-P

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. She's so pretty, Angie!

    Your desk has 3 essential items that are always on my desk: water, calculator, and hand sanitizer! LOL I would love to have a kitty on mine, too. :p

  3. Renee-You are right, she does deserve her Fancy Feast. I'm sure it take up a lot of energy keeping my desk and papers from floating away. ;)

    Lori-lol...I also have some hand sanitizer in my purse. :D don't leave home without it. ;)