Monday, January 10, 2011

Invasion by J.S. Lewis

Book Description:

Colt McAllister is drawn into a war against things he thought only existed in comic books.

After a car wreck takes the lives of his parents, Colt moves to Arizona to stay with his grandfather. There, an informant tells him that his parents were actually murdered because his mom, a journalist, was getting ready to write a story exposing Trident Industries.

Along with Oz and Danielle, his new comrades at Chandler High, Colt vows to uncover the truth. But the more they learn, the more bizarre reality becomes. Mind control, jet packs, and flying motorcycles only scratch the surface of what they discover.

Colt is recruited by a secret organization called the Central Headquarters Against the Occult and Supernatural. But the battle isn't just against an out-of-control giant corporation. A gateway to another world is opening, and the invasion has already begun.

My Thoughts:

I asked to review Invasion because it sounded like a fun read and it was for a while. Then it just got a little to "boyish" to me. Meaning that it started in on stuff I really don't care for. In one chapter they are at a boxing match and it went on for a while about each match. I don't care about boxing and even though the boxers were a little odd I still didn't care to read about the matches. But I'm sure tween and teen boys would love this book. This is the first in a series and it looks to be an interesting series...kind of reminds me a bit of Men In Black. So while I didn't enjoy this book as much as I would have liked I do think teen and tween boys will love it.

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  1. While I can't say I think I would like the book - I think you did a great job reviewing it. Maybe I'll look at it for my son.